Sign Me Up: Scheduling Yourself

Please notify us of your availability to log into CallHub to send texts or make calls for Jo at:

Important: Please only schedule yourself during times that you have access to a computer, not just a phone. The mobile browser interface for CallHub does not include all the features necessary for recording voter responses.

All timeslots are in Eastern time. You don’t need to be available for the full three hours of the timeslots you sign up for. Those timeslots are just so we can match you to contacts in compatible timezones. For example, if you’re only available before 2pm Eastern time then we won’t ask you to call Hawaii.

When you sign up for a timeslot, please enter your CallHub username in the “My Comment” field like this:

The Name fields are required but the Email field is optional.

Watch your inbox for an email from CallHub notifying you that “You have been assigned to [Such and Such] Campaign” with a link to click to login and get to work. You can also log into CallHub to check if there is work on your “To Do” tab.