CallHub: Texts: Event Invites

From a computer (not phone), log into CallHub.

Click Texting, choose a campaign, and click Start. If it says “Come back at [time]” that means that it is too early or too late to text people in that timezone.

Read any additional instructions under Campaign Brief (I forgot to include any in this example, sorry) and then click Start Texting.

Click the Send button a bunch of times (I usually do batches of 50 to 100) to send a flurry of initial texts before checking for replies. You should not need to change anything in the scripted text on this screen. Anything in brackets, like {first_name}, will auto-populate with the correct information after you click Send.

Click over to the Chats tab and start processing replies. Orange-red dots in the chats list on the left indicate replies. The + button next to the bottom text entry box pulls up scripts.

Click on a scripted response, if appropriate. In this case, he asked “Where?” so we click the “Yes / Maybe / Need More Info” scripted response.

Once you click on the scripted response, you have an opportunity to edit it if necessary before clicking Send.

Sometimes none of the scripted responses would make sense, so just type a new response from scratch and Send it.

If someone replies “Stop” then they will usually be opted out automatically. However, you can click the “Opt out” button to help you manage your list. Please also use the “Opt out” button if someone is abusive, sends you porn, etc. For event invites and other texts sent to our supporters list, please opt out anyone who says they are voting for another candidate. Opted-out contacts will then have a red “DNC” mark in the chats list.

You may occasionally get an error message while texting stating that a contact is already on the DNC (Do Not Contact) list. That just means they were opted out during a previous texting campaign. CallHub won’t send texts to anyone on our DNC list so don’t worry if you get this error message.

If you are pretty sure that you’re finished conversing with a contact, you can click the “Complete” button to add a little green checkmark next to their name in the conversations list. This helps you stay organized while you’re scrolling through the chats list.

If anything has come up in the conversation that you think someone needs to follow up on, write a note about it and click Save. For example “wants to volunteer” – someone on the management team will review these later.

Once you are all caught up on replies, click on the Pending tab and Send the next batch of 50-to-100 initial texts!

If you are texting event invites, once you are done for the day please let us know in the #text-and-phone-bank-chat Discord channel so that someone on the management team can reassign your contacts to someone else to handle any replies that come in after you’ve logged off.