New Volunteer Checklist

Step 1: Register as a volunteer on the campaign site

CLICK HERE to open the volunteer registration form in another window.

Step 2: Register in CallHub for the NATIONAL phonebank/textbank

Using the embedded form below, create a username, use the same email as your volunteer registration, select your state team and click the "Sign Up" button.

Check your email inbox for an email from with the subject line “Welcome to CallHub - Activate your agent account now!” If you don’t see it, please check your Spam folder. Please follow the email’s instructions on setting up your CallHub account.

Once you're logged into CallHub, fill in your User Details with at least your first name. CLICK HERE to open a new window with a tutorial on how to update your User Details.

OPTIONAL: Step 3: Register for one or more STATE phonebank/textbanks

Each state also has their own phonebank/textbank. If you would like to help with state-level phonebanking and textbanking campaigns such as invites to local supporter-organized events, volunteer mobilization, voter persuasion calls, and get out the vote campaigns, please also register in CallHub for the state(s) of your choice.

Coming soon.

Step 4: Complete Training

Coming soon: Video tutorials, written manuals, and "check your knowledge" quizzes

Until then, please read these tutorials:

Why Textbanking?

CallHub: Sending Event Invites

Step 5: Join our Discord channel

Discord is a type of chat room. Our phonebanking & texting team has a channel on the campaign's Discord server where volunteers can ask questions and otherwise get help while making calls or other sending texts.

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step tutorial in joining the Discord channel.

CLICK HERE to join the Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen 2020 Discord server.

CLICK HERE to assign yourself to the "Text & Phone Bank" volunteer role.

Enter the #text-and-phone-bank-chat channel and introduce yourself to your fellow volunteers.

Step 6: Add yourself to the schedule

CLICK HERE for a tutorial on how to schedule yourself.

Important: Please only schedule yourself during times that you have access to a computer, not just a phone. The mobile browser interface for CallHub does not include all the features necessary for recording voter responses.

CLICK HERE to add yourself to the schedule. Please write your CallHub user name in the "My Comment" field.

Please note that you do not need to be available for all 3 hours of the 3-hour timeslot; they are simply so we can assign you contacts in compatible timezones

OPTIONAL: Step 7: Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you would like to be considered for more responsible positions, including managing other volunteers, administering campaigns in CallHub, analyzing phonebanking and textbanking campaign results, etc. please complete a NDA.

CLICK HERE to open the NDA e-signature site in another window.

Final Step: Submit this form

Click the "submit" button below to notify our Phonebank/Textbank management team that you have completed the New Volunteer Checklist and are ready to begin making calls and sending texts for Jo & Spike. Assuming everything was completed correctly, we will assign you to the next available calling or texting campaign.

Please watch your inbox for an email from CallHub notifying you that “You have been assigned to [Such and Such] Campaign” with a link to click to login and get to work. You can also log into CallHub to check if there is work on your "To Do" tab.

Welcome aboard and thank you for volunteering!