New Volunteer Checklist

Step 1: Register as a volunteer at

CLICK HERE to register as a campaign volunteer.

Step 2: Texting Platform Account Creation

CLICK HERE and then on "New user? Sign up here" to create your Peerly login.

If you are unable to signup or login, please contact Peerly Support at 888-433-7071

Step 3: Watch Tutorial and/or Attend Live Training

Watch this tutorial video from Peerly: Peerly P2P Agent Guide

Attend one of our drop-in training sessions on Zoom, held on these days and times:

  • Tuesdays Eastern 5pm-midnight / Pacific 2pm-9pm
  • Thursdays Eastern 5pm-midnight / Pacific 2pm-9pm
  • Saturdays Eastern 12pm-midnight / Pacific 9am-9pm
  • Sundays Eastern 12pm-midnight / Pacific 9am-9pm

Step 4: Join our Discord channel

Discord is a type of chat room. Our phonebanking & texting team has a channel on the campaign's Discord server where volunteers can ask questions and otherwise get help while making calls or other sending texts.

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step tutorial in joining the Discord channel.

CLICK HERE to join the Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen 2020 Discord server.

CLICK HERE to assign yourself to the "Text & Phone Bank" volunteer role.

Enter the #text-and-phone-bank-chat channel and introduce yourself to your fellow volunteers.

Final Step: Submit this form

Click the "submit" button below to notify our Phonebank/Textbank management team that you have completed the New Volunteer Checklist and are ready to begin sending texts for Jo & Spike. Assuming everything was completed correctly, we will assign you to the next available calling or texting campaign.

If you haven't received an assignment within Peerly within 2 hours of submitting this form please nudge us at email

Welcome aboard and thank you for volunteering!