L2 VoterMapping Tutorials

L2 VoterMapping: Make Selections and Create a universe https://youtu.be/lvnZZSIUnzM

Purchase Records in L2 VoterMapping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBh73OJUgJk

How to download records in L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/cCzBf0lxYtM

Generate a unique PDF report inside L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/ldK5F2rGCQQ

How to select one voter per household in L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/zoB3SJc-HyY

Cutting turf inside L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/J-egZFsVZY8

Create a random sample in L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/DBiIhLbohSg

Exporting L2 IDs from L2 VoterMapping https://youtu.be/rDRGSItg3Uo


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