Agent Tips, Peer-to-Peer Texting

Get started in Peerly

We’ve changed texting platforms from CallHub to Peerly. Here’s a guide to get started in the new system.

Note: If you’re new to textbanking for the Jorgensen campaign, please start with our New Volunteer Checklist before returning to this post.

Logging In

    1. If you had an account in CallHub then you should have received an email on Monday, October 19th titled “Booyah! Textbanking is back! Here’s your new login, [Your Name]” with your Peerly login link, username, and password. Check your Spam folder if you didn’t see it.
    2. If the login credentials we sent you don’t work, please email us at email addressand we can reset your password.
    3. If you still can’t login after we reset your password, contact Peerly Support at 888-433-7071 and let them know you’re a volunteer with Jorgensen for President account #11522717
    4. If you never had a CallHub account for us to transfer to Peerly, please complete the New Volunteer Checklist, which includes creating a Peerly account from scratch.

Peerly Texting Platform Tutorial

Please watch this short tutorial:

Begin Texting via Peerly

Login to our Peerly account

Login to our Peerly account by CLICKING HERE,


Select an assignnment and click Start Conversation

Our top priority right now is the “READY: Identify & Activate: Eastern” job, so please concentrate on that timezone until it is too late to text the East Coast then switch to later timezones.

Click on the Questions tab and click/hold Send+New

Tip: If you hold down your mouse button when clicking  Send+New, it will send many initial texts very quickly, even faster than an autoclicker would.

Record voter responses & send follow-up texts

Use the drop-down menus in the Questions tab to record how voters respond to your initial survey question, and in the case of Jorgensen supporters, your follow-up questions.

  • Use either the “Already voted” or “Has not voted yet” to record the initial survey response. If they voter does not specify whether they voted yet, use “Has not voted yet” until they tell you otherwise.
  • Use the “Jo supporters: Plan to vote?” and “Jo supporters: Volunteer or donate?” to record the responses to the additional questions you will be sending to people who tell you they are voting for Dr. Jo Jorgensen.
  • Use the “Scripts for other responses” to handle questions and statements that don’t follow the standard voter identificaiton and supporter activation conversation path.

Selecting options in the drop-down boxes automatically loads a scripted response into the chatbox for you. You can then edit it if necessary before clicking Send.

Here’s what’s on each drop-down menu (click to enlarge):

Use the bottom buttons to navigate conversations

Below the Questions tab you will find four buttons you can use to quickly organize and move between conversations.

  • Click End Conversation when you’re done chatting with a voter
  • Click Opt Out if someone says to stop texting them or sends us hostile or vulgar replies
  • Click Prev Reply and Next Reply to switch between conversations

Need help?

Join our Discord chat channel

The #text-and-phone-bank-chat channel in the Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen 2020 Discord server is where our textbanking management team and other textbanking volunteers hang out to ask and answer questions and discuss how to handle unusual voter questions or statements.

CLICK HERE for a step-by-step tutorial in joining the Discord channel.

CLICK HERE to join the Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen 2020 Discord server.

CLICK HERE to assign yourself to the “Text & Phone Bank” volunteer role.

Attend drop-in training hours on Zoom

Our training schedule for the final weeks of the campaign:

(PSA: The Election Day drop-in training Zoom will transform into the Textbanking Team Virtual Election Night Watch Party after the polls close on the west coast! BYOB!)

Call Peerly Support

If you’re having technical issues with the platform itself, like creating an account or logging into your account, call Peerly Support at 888-433-7071 and let them know you’re a volunteer with Jorgensen for President account #11522717

Email the Textbanking Management Team

forwards to everyone on our Textbanking Management Team.