Never ever “Duplicate campaign” unless you enjoy crying

See this button?


Logically, it seems like duplicating a campaign would be a pretty handy tool, right? Let’s say you’ve got an event invite set up just right with all the perfect scripted responses, and now you want to make another event invite just like it and only tweak a few things. One would think you could “duplicate campaign” to start a new campaign with the old one as a template, like copying a file and then editing the copy, right?

One would think.

What actually happens is a bunch of the changes you make to the new campaign ARE ALSO MADE TO THE OLD CAMPAIGN that you duplicated, which is completely counter-intuitive to how duplicating anything else in any other program ever works ever.

I don’t know how the CallHub programmers intended this feature to work, all I know that “duplicate campaign” is one of the quickest ways to undo hours of work and create hours of aggravation for yourself. Just… leave it alone if you know what’s best for you.

CallHub hates us and wants to make us cry.

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